Safe Sleep Space is proudly associated with our New Safe Sleep Hospitals Program for Australia and we are also stocking The HALO® SleepSack® Swaddle in our online store

Safe Sleep Space is proudly associated with our New Safe Sleep Hospitals program for Australia and we are proud to  Announce Halo SleepSack Swaddles… 2-in-1 adjustable swaddle  Now available to purchase in our Online Store   The HALO® SleepSack® Swaddle replaces loose blankets that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. ​ 2-in-1 adjustable swaddle

Baby Sleep Research…..

I can’t help but delight every time I read more research that supports what we bleat about all day! The study published in Breastfeeding Medicine this month is certainly an example that made me sigh, one of those contented kind of sighs!  A Study from the Swansea University UK has results from about sleeping patterns

Newsletter #55 Words from Helen

  For Practitioners It is always interesting to know of the many enriching training programs available for early parenting and childhood practitioners. For those who have attended the Circle of Security® training, you know what it can be like to be immersed in knowledge designed to enhance your ability to connect with families.  The COS


Jetlag   We, down under, often migrate to warmer climates at this time of the year. What comes with our return home is not just being back on our fine shores, but a clash of body hormones as they adjust to the crossing of time lines. Tiny babies have virtually no circulating hormones that influence

Beware Peeking Eyes

Beware Peeking Eyes It eerks me to say this, but some people spend their time … watching others.  Reports of internet hacking are not new, but when reports of hacking of baby cams are leaked, it sends a shiver down every parents’ spine.  Recent reports are a timely reminder that being able to view your

Music Literally Expands the Brain

Music Literally Expands the Brain Never underestimate the power of music, not just the singing that lightens the heart, but the fact that music training can increase the IQ.  A Canadian study showed that after only 20 days of exposure to music training, preschoolers verbal IQ increased and the executive functions of the brain were


Thinking about You We are in a world filled with hard work, high expectations and often too little time. Today I want every single reader to think about some special things you have done, today, maybe yesterday, maybe last year. Childbirth is one of the huge ones for sure, but what about the small, everyday

Connecting with Babies

Connecting with Babies I am constantly fascinated by what we, as adults, expect from babies. When I meet a family, I exchange social greetings with the parents, then the baby. As adults we have the social skill, on a good day, to indulge in polite, superficial conversation, initially. But what of a baby; how do

Daylight Saving Ending and Adjusting Baby to the Time change

  April 5, 2015 at 3am, will mark the end of daylight savings and there are things parents can do to help their baby adapt to the time change. As every parent well knows, babies are not governed by clocks; but by patterns, daily rhythms and sunlight, so these hints may help with the change

Recently released ‘sleep needs’

Recently released ‘sleep needs’ Well it’s official, the National Sleep Foundation has new improved recommendations for the ideal hours of sleep we all need. I hope every parent is sitting down for this, 7-9 hours is the recommended hours of sleep recommended for an adult, with 6-10 hours being the range of ‘may be appropriate’.