Toddler Sleep

  First and foremost, it is quite common for toddlers to wake during the night or to need additional comfort to go to sleep. In Western culture we are quick to want babies to sleep during the night. Many parents feel as if they have failed if their toddler is still requiring comfort or needing […]

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Parenting Goals

In the years of working in this field, I have never met a parent who doesn’t want the very best for their child. We do what we can to offer healthy caregiving to be sure we give our children every opportunity to form secure attachment patterns that will serve them for a life time. Not […]

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Meet Bert – he’s in town – with us!

We’d like to introduce Bert Powell. We’ve been talking about Bert and COS for a while now and we’re very excited because Bert is in Melbourne taking the COS sessions. As a clinician and teacher Bert Powell has committed his career to learning how people struggle and succeed at negotiating emotional security in their lives. He […]

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World Mental Health Day 10th October 2014. Thinking about families.

The recent National Australian Association of Infant Mental Health Conference, was a timely reminder of the importance of mental health for both caregivers and babies. It is not a given that all will be mentally well, but what we do know is that there are countless organisations and services who provide support for families who […]

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There are very kind and supportive ways to support sleep that just don’t need to include behavioural interventions such as CONTROLLED CRYING.

Some helpful tips; 1- We sometimes forget that babies have baby sleep; little sleeps, frequent wakings, lots of feeds and more little sleeps. We try to make babies have big long sleeps, but that is adult sleep. Babies don’t need to be trained so they sleep like adults, they need support to find natural sleep, […]

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Mental Health Week: Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th October

Mental Health Week means something to everyone; be it an uncle, friend’s sister, a colleague, you or not you, but it means something! We should not take mental wellness for granted. Some of us are more vulnerable than others to mental ill-health through our genetic makeup or our life experiences. No one is immune. If […]

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Baby can’t settle in the evening?

Baby can’t settle in the evening?   How do babies know to completely melt down at dinner time? Well … they don’t. What a baby knows is that they are unsettled and unable to self soothe, and that they rely on you for care, no matter what time. However, there is a pattern that is […]

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Baby Sleep..Help my crying baby!

Baby Sleep…Help my crying baby! Written by Helen Stevens for Nourishbaby 2014 The adjustment to early parenting is not something that anyone can really prepare you for. Your world shifts, and baby comes first, like it or not. Babies let you know when they need something, and they do not have the social grace known as patience. […]

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Is Your Baby’s Sleep a Problem? Or Is It Just Normal? Mother-Baby Sleep Experts Weigh in on Normal Infant Sleep

By: Tracy Cassels Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Wendy Middlemiss, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Helen Stevens (Safe Sleep Space), James McKenna, Darcia Narvaez A Praeclarus Press White Paper August 22, 2013 www.PraeclarusPress. New White Paper from Praeclarus Press Finds That Many Behaviors Labeled as “Infant Sleep Problems” Are Actually Normal Patterns of Infant and Child Sleep Many new parents worry […]

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Bed sharing when parents do not smoke: is there a risk of SIDS? An individual level analysis of five major case–control studies

ABSTRACT Objective: To resolve uncertainty as to the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) associated with sleeping in bed with your baby if neither parent smokes and the baby is breastfed. Design: Bed sharing was defined as sleeping with a baby in the parents’ bed; room sharing as baby sleeping in the parents’ room. Frequency of bed sharing during last […]

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