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Safe Sleep Space provides a “step-by-step” guide to workable strategies so an emotional safe sleep space can be created. With this in mind – no Controlled Crying and Cry It Out techniques are required to achieve lasting sleep patterns.

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“As a general paediatrician and mother of four children, I was so pleased to discover Safe Sleep Space and learn about the resources available for families.
I have a special interest in mindful parenting and believe that the mental health and well being of infants and children is important for long term health and wellness.The sensible and practical advice has been of benefit to many families with whom I consult.The resources including books, DVD’s and a newly released app provide a wonderful resource for families which I highly recommend”.

Dr Elisa Rough; General Paediatrician

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Baby sleep, toddler sleep – those who have experienced baby or toddler sleep problems or have been with families who are struggling with baby and toddler sleep issues, only you can know its REALITIES. Broken sleep, getting baby to sleep, exhaustion, spending all day trying to get baby to sleep or back to sleep, and how the world begins to focus around sleep, and of course, that endless advice. The difficulty is that parents are often very critical of themselves and use words like ‘blame myself’ or they say they have “done the wrong thing”.

We have never met a bad parent, but we have met many who just need a little support. How to settle a baby and if your toddler not sleeping….that’s what we can help with!

Safe Sleep Space is brought to you by leading health professionals and featured in Channel 10′s The project, The Today Show, ABC 774 Podcasts, Channel 9 news, The Herald Sun.

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Our Safe Sleep Space National Conference series 2014 announced

Our 2014 National Conference Series announced….10 events Australia Wide. For more information and to register please click on conference tab above


JUST ANNOUNCED NEW COS (Circle of Security)

4 day Parenting Training Program

Melbourne Tuesday 21st October  to Fri 24th October 2014 with Bert Powell

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Helen-CindyHow do you get a baby to sleep? As qualified Child & Family Health Nurses, Safe Sleep Space Principals, Cindy & Helen offer a sensible, response based approach to help babies and children with sleep problems.

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Announcing Safe Sleep Space 2014 calendar of events

Safe Sleep Space presents New Forums

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