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Safe Sleep Space provides a “step-by-step” guide to workable strategies with no Controlled Crying or Cry It Out techniques.

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Help settle your baby and toddler to sleep!

A Sleep Consultation in the palm of your hand…try it!

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Phone Consultation

Mother talking on the phone with baby

If all you think about all day is baby sleep or the struggles of parenting, then it is definitely time to chat about it.
Our Telephone Consultation Program is very popular with amazing results...
Australia Wide $44 (inc GST) for 20 minutes or our 3 in 1 package and receive our Book FREE

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Home Visitor & Day Stay Programs

How do you get a baby to sleep? Need a baby sleep home visit ? Need a toddler sleep home visit?

Supporting families to develop healthier sleep patterns is possible through either of our personalised family support programs;

  • Home visiting support program where your Consultant comes to your home
  • Day-stay support program at one of our clinics

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DVD’s, Books, Ebooks & CD Products

DVD's and Books

See all our products on how to settle your baby.

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you can also find the Safe Sleep Space e-book at Amazon

Sleep Kits

Our specially packaged sleep kits; The Ultimate Sleep Kit and our Calm Baby Kit are not to be missed. They make the ideal baby shower gifts.

Calm baby kitCalm Baby Kit

Ultimate Sleep Kit Ultimate Sleep Kit

Conferences for Health Professionals


Safe Sleep Space Master Classes for Health Professionals

Enquire on 1300 775 337

New: COS (Circle of Security)

4 day Parenting Training Program for Health professionals

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Overtired Babies and Toddlers?

Settling our Babies and Toddlers WITHOUT Controlled Crying....

Overtired babies and toddlers have great difficulty settling down for sleep. When a baby is tired, they tend to be grizzly, but as they become increasingly tired there is often an escalation to a cry rather than sleep. To minimise the big crying episodes, be on the lookout for ’tired signs’.

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Help my Toddler won’t sleep!

Overtired toddlers, and adults for that matter, have difficulty calming for sleep due to the brain wave activity that occurs, so it is good to try to avoid overtiredness whenever possible. When a toddler looks tired it is sleep time, according to the brain. Try to get the toddler into bed

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About Us

Helen-CindyHow do you get a baby to sleep? As qualified Child & Family Health Nurses, Safe Sleep Space Principals, Cindy & Helen offer a sensible, response based approach to help babies and children with sleep problems.

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